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Reduce revenue leakage and improve safety with Miya Revenue and Reimbursement Manager

An enterprise health informatics platform that uses AI and machine learning to maximise existing investments and bring clinical data to life.

How Does Miya Work?

The Impact of Undocumented Patient Complexities

The lack of understanding and accurate documentation of patient complexity is a major source of revenue leakage. A complex patient can cost more to treat due to a longer hospital stay, more resources used and being at a higher risk of adverse events. For a hospital to receive the appropriate revenue for each patient, complexity level must be documented in real-time.


A recent study of 30,856 cases discovered:

Over 75%

had one or more additional conditions detected that were not documented.


had undetected and undocumented kidney disease.



had undocumented comorbidities detected through NLP.

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How Does Miya Work?

Miya Revenue and Reimbursement Manager integrates and leverages your clinical data, allowing medical teams to detect and monitor risk and safety in real-time while reducing revenue leakage and the risk of clawback.

Drive efficiency

Make it easy for VMOs and clinical staff to access and update patient information in real time.

Enhance patient care

Manage patient risk and guide best practice treatment by understanding patient complexity from the outset.

Reduce revenue leakage

Minimise billing queries and the risk of clawback with accurate documentation and coding of patients.

Why Miya Revenue & Reimbursement Manager?

  • An Enterprise Health Informatics Platform.
  • Integrate and leverage clinical data.
  • Real-time metrics including user-configurable dashboards.
  • Detect and monitor risk and safety in real-time.
  • Predict patient risk levels and flow using AI.
  • Speciality specific views including The Ward Round App.
iPhone showing the Revenue & Reimbursement Manager app iPhone showing the Revenue & Reimbursement Manager app

See how Miya Revenue and Reimbursement Manager can improve clinical documentation and hospital revenue.

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Miya is an Enterprise Health Informatics Platform based on a modern event based architecture that generates meaningful FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) based events, in real-time, to trigger clinical decision support (CDS) and predictive models.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer to analyse, understand and derive meaning from human language. It can be used to sift through vast amounts of free text to find relevant information that corresponds to specific features in a data set , and returns an answer.

No, Miya Revenue and Reimbursement Manager is an open standards based solution which can integrate with your existing EMR so you can maximise your existing data investments.

Yes, Miya Revenue and Reimbursement Manager can be delivered via the cloud as well as on premise.

Miya Revenue and Reimbursement Manager integrates with all data sources. The solution takes data sources from any location and transfers it into FHIR objects which are industry standard and portable anywhere.

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